The Most Incredible Ways to Experience the Beautiful Lakes of Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken…it gets it’s name from well, being literally surrounded by lakes and water! Lake Breinz and Lake Thun which sit either side of the town are not only some of the most stunning in Switzerland but in the entire world. No wonder they named the town in acknowledgement of these lakes! Here’s a guide to […]

Venturing up The Schilthorn for unforgettable views of The Eiger, Monch & Jungfrau!

Whilst having the most amazing and adventurous trip possible in Interlaken, Switzerland we decided to change the pace a little and head up a huge mountain!! This time instead of clinging to the side of a cliff or even launching ourselves off it we would take the cable car, because when you visit the Swiss […]

Trümmelbach falls, The amazing power of nature on a budget! Switzerland

Trümmelbach falls are an impressive and somewhat scary display of the power of nature buried within a deep system of caves and tunnels in the side of the lauterbrunnen valley in the Swiss Alps. The sheer volume of water which pour down these impressive waterfalls roars louder than you could imagine as it continues to […]

Via Ferrata 2000ft above Lauterbrunnen valley, Swiss Alps!

“Via Ferrata” or The Iron Way in English is an extreme hike which takes you to places only experienced alpine mountaineers would ever be able to find themselves. Perched 2000ft above the stunning Lauterbrunnen valley below and stood on only staples this was the true alpine adventure I had always dreamt of. No guides or  chaperones we set off on […]

Paragliding 4000ft over the immense Swiss Alps in the home of adventure: Interlaken!

Floating 4000ft above one of the most spectacular views in the world, that’s how I started my morning! Up bright and early to make one of our all time dreams come true, and what better location in the world that Interlaken! No time for nerves or second thoughts, before we knew it we were taking […]

The golden round trip up Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne. Switzerland.

When visiting the amazingly beautiful city of Lucerne one of the absolute must do’s is the “Golden Round Trip”. This unforgettable experience involves a trip across the lake, the worlds steepest cogwheel railway and two amazing cable car rides. Despite the weather on the day of my trip I decided to take the plunge and […]

Guide to the mountain city of Lucerne, Switzerland

Whilst visiting Basel in the north of Switzerland I wanted to take the opportunity to see some of amazing landscape which the country is famous for. Some quick searches came up with the city of Lucerne only a 1 hour and 15 minute train ride away and sitting on the wonderful picturesque lake Lucerne and surrounded […]

A long weekend in Basel – Switzerland on a budget!

Switzerland had long been on my list of countries I was desperate. I had however come across a fellow bloggers article on Basel and it really got under my skin. The bright red Rathaus and the emerald green river running though the heart of the city, those images made me realise that Switzerland was somewhere […]

Basel to Lucerne (and how to travel for half price in Switzerland!)

Travelling by train in Switzerland as you can imagine is quite a straight forward and pleasant experience. The trains run on time and booking a ticket is painless…apart from the fares! Switzerland is also an expensive county and you might be forgiven for giving up that idea of jumping on a train to the mountains […]